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Atlas Promotional Video
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1. Travelling’s a big part of the job... Dubai one week, KL the next – you get used to it... I just carry the essentials - Passport, phone... It’s convenience really... wherever I am in the world I can access ‘MyAtlas’. It means I can travel light and keep my training records to hand.

 2. We’re into a critical phase of the project. Juggling thousands of people... and lots of different activities. Ensuring that everyone is qualified and able to do their jobs safely is a big challenge. We can’t afford any delays, so my Atlas dashboard is vital for keeping track of my team... at a glance.

3. One of my lecturers recommended Atlas to me. I was struggling to find time during the day between my studies and family commitments. Being with Atlas means that I can sit the courses in the evenings... when I have some peace. This flexibility is really helping me to get the vocational qualifications I need.

4. I was still quite new, but my manager needed me to supervise some of the work activities. I’d been based in the office and just hadn’t thought about safety inductions. The Atlas courses are giving me the knowledge... and clearance I need to work onsite.

5. My job can be dangerous. And it’s difficult working away from home. But it means I can provide for my family. When I can, I phone and tell them. I’m doing well. My training is keeping me safe and I will be coming home soon.

6. I felt it was time for a change… new job, new scenery maybe. My English is not so strong... and I wasn’t sure on the skills I needed... and how they would travel with me? Atlas gave me the knowledge I needed and in my language to help me progress.

7. I wanted a brighter future for my children. To be successful and work for an international company. To achieve this, I had to prove my ability and experience. Atlas was my pathway to new skills and better opportunities.